App Design

3 Doors is a personal project I created with a team of 3 for the Dominican Republic, I was in charge mostly on the UI Design.

I have been seeing the Real State market really close and I encountered a gap in it. “Let’s have a walk near my neighborhood to see if there is an interesting house to rent or sell” this is a really common phase I have listened. People needed a solution to this problem, a way to get a home or commercial space with their smartphone or laptop everywhere.

That’s 3Doors, an application created to facilitate the way people find a home or a place to be rent or buy. At the beginning to be used only on smartphones and later on laptops or computers. After we analyzed the problem we decided to check if our hypothesis was real by conducting a User research with specific questions to our user. About 35 interviews were addressed with a positive answer. People were having a big problem to find places or houses to rent, buy or sell.

After that we were sure our probabilities of success were big enough to start working on the next steps, user Stories, user flows, and high fidelity wireframes with team reviews in between to create a really great solution.

Those reviews were made on a Low Fi Prototype so it was easier to check and complete corrections really fast. After approving the HFW step was time to continue with the final design. I used Sketch to create the pixel perfect UI Design as well as Photoshop and illustrator sometimes to create some nice visuals, Icons, and styles and then a final prototype to identify errors on the flows, design, and UX itself.

Francis Pujols, Multidisciplinary Designer
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