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Based on the fact students needs a better education that goes in the same progressive way as the Technology the client create Okus.

The Client

Technology is growing really fast and education must follow suit. Okus is a multidevice educational platform created for students of all levels so they can practice, create homework . and have challenges right inside of their favorite device.

The Problem

Education is the most important pillar for a country development and The Dominican Republic has a lot of room for improvement since is not in a good place on the list of the best education systems around the world. There is not enough quality and that get’s students bored and without the willingness to do homework or tasks.


We came with Okus, a multi-device application that enhances the way students learn, parents interact and teachers teach. Students are able to do the homework, check examples, activate a digital tutor, play math and other subjects games. Teachers will be able to assign tasks really fast, review tasks and more.


After a couple of meetings with the team, we finally started working on this big project starting by doing a big design and user research to get the idea of what exactly are the student’s needs. It was really important to look at what the competition was doing now, what positive stuff we can learn from them and what are the negatives we should avoid, in term of UI, UX and even administrative.


Gathering all that information about the user and competition made feel prepared to create my User Flows, personas profiles and start working hard to create an output that delights my clients and most important the final users. Personas, User Flows, Style Guide, Low Fidelity Wireframes, High Fidelity Wireframes were some of the initial stages I took to have a first look of the product. I spend a couple of days iterating based on client feedback on a Low Fi Prototype I created and by the end, I was really happy with the final output of the first section.


Color/imagery/styling. After all the iterations of my HFW, I was ready to start working on the pixel perfect version, adding colors, images and whatever needs to give the look and feel of a finished product. Mockups for a better presentation and a couple of days more iterating to fix errors in the UX/Flows as well as adding some better details/patterns to our final design.

The first big step was done. I used to create the Web version first but in this particular project was the opposite direction. I started with the Mobile and then Web was later created with the same approach.

Francis Pujols, Multidisciplinary Designer
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